Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Sceptic Graduates "Selfish" For Independent Thinking

Arrogance abounds in a statement from the Bishop of Lancaster, who claims that graduates are spreading scepticism and sowing dissent. Imagine that…

Italian TV Gives In To Vatican

The Pope's been moaning that people of the world (and particularly Europe) aren't as interested in reading Christian religious texts as they used to be.

On the House of El

I don't know why people keep fighting over petty differences between major monotheistic religions which themselves came out of polytheism anyway. The differences between most of our contemporary monotheistic religions can be attributed almost entirely to entropy of stories which were once — back when these Gods were supposedly walking the Earth — just one tale.

Astral Projection

Mars, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun and the Galactic Centre are aligned, there's a Full Moon (conjunct Mars), and a Venus-square -Neptune arrangement. Also, the Pluto/Sun conjunction appears exactly on the Winter Solstice. A very interesting galactic alignment event. And there's an interesting biblical/astrological similarity to go with it.


So, whilst some of the British Muslim community is fighting for the right to wear their traditional dress and conceal themselves, others prove exactly why allowing this is dangerous.

Devil Loses Market Value

A fragment from the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament, dating to the Third century, has revealed that the number of the beast is not 666 after all.