Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Mistake Overflow: One Company's Catalogue of Errors

Stack Overflow, the programming Q&A website founded in 2009, set out to be different. To "make the internet a better place". Faced with endless forums full of technical suggestions of dubious authority, and with the next best thing paywalled off, Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood wanted to create a community focused solely on building a […]

Back To Stack Overflow, And Look What's Happened

Last year I "left" Stack Overflow but, as predicted, recently found myself trickling back onto it for the fame and glory. Then, this.

Why I Broke Up With Stack Overflow

I've pretty much made a home of Stack Overflow — the modern age's answer to Experts Exchange — over the last year and a bit. From arriving in January 2011, I swiftly began answering C++, PHP and jQuery questions and asked a few of my own.

Here's Another One

And another bollocks post.

The Worst Stack Overflow "Question" Ever

I don't think I'll be answering this one.