Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

On Star Trek Discovery (Season One)

I've been putting off writing this for months, because I couldn't figure out what to say. CBS's expansion of the Star Trek universe is certainly divisive, to say the least: there are those who laud its grittier aesthetic, its more adult characters, its design expansion and its storyline, while some becry a perceived departure from […]

TV rundown 2015

Here's a brief reaction to some of this year's best new TV, in no particular order. I've spoilt the frak out of them, too, so don't read if you don't want to know what happens. There are a number of well-received shows I haven't gotten around to yet. If you're a fan of something not on this list, #sorrynotsorry.

Fringe: The Bullet That Saved The World

Fringe's token fifth and final season is now four of thirteen episodes down, with the fourth having aired just last night. Here's a spoiler-filled dump of my thoughts so far.

Blood & Chrome Demoted, Sci-Fi Still Doomed

Somehow I'd missed this unofficial teaser trailer for the BSG prequel "Blood & Chrome". It looks fantastic in most places (with slightly dodgy CGI sets in only a handful), although there's no way to gauge the quality of the plot, acting or writing at this stage. The bad news, though, is that SyFy — who […]

Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River Song

I'm the biggest fan of the Eleventh Doctor and of Moffat as Doctor Who showrunner. The change from RTD's constant contrived flamboyance has been welcomed, and the show looks amazing. But if there's any way in which series six actually makes any internally consistent logical sense at all please let me know.

HQ Shamelessness from MS

Meet Lauren. Lauren wants to find a laptop for under US$1000, with a 17" screen and a comfortable keyboard amongst other criteria.

She's promised by anonymous voiceover man (who's graphically accompanied by a contemporary Windows logo) that if she can find what she's looking for, they'll buy it for her.

Stargate Atlantis: The Queen

Last night's episode of Stargate Atlantis was the eighth in the final season, and saw a whole new role for Rachel Luttrell.