Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Uni Tech Team Storms Student Underground

After a year of operation, the DC++ filesharing hub running within the virtual walls of the University of Nottingham's internal residential network has been scared into closure by the owners of said network.

Uni Email Disaster… Premonition?

The University of Warwick (whose IT department is not dissimilar to our own at Nottingham) has suffered a major blow to its email system, The Register reports. A power outage temporarily downed its Novell GroupWise email system, permanently killing one of their boxes and affecting around 3,000 academic staff and critical services accounts.

Millions of emails like this one

Six or so of us ex-Peerweb Uni of Nottingham geeks have compiled a petition-campaign against our residential network providers, the Student Network Service, and their owners Information Services. After some discussion with the Students Union who presented an opportunity, courtesy of IS, to hold a small 'focus group' to address our issues, we decided to […]