Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)


Two short stories on copyright.

Poor Fish

There's a lot of chat about the EU fishing rules which set stringent quotas on the number of fish that can be farmed. Now the EU is backtracking and has this week concluded that a new decentralised Common Fisheries Policy is called for. Apparently, environmentalists and fishermen alike are concerned that lots of poor fish […]

What The Frak?

A 69-year old Viennese tourist named Matkza was forced by police officers to delete photos he'd taken of the Vauxhall bus station in London, saying it was "strictly forbidden" and recording the passport numbers and hotel addresses of him and his companions, presumably because the Security Services at headquartered nearby.

Oh Sorry We Meant The Other Guys

The BBC has completely changed its tune in the four months since placing the blame for the Ossetia conflict firmly on Russian policy.

News Fail

I mean, you'd think that "BBC News at Ten" would actually be at Ten.

1 Of 101

Why does this one man deserve so much more attention or respect than a hundred other reported casualties?

Sceptic Graduates "Selfish" For Independent Thinking

Arrogance abounds in a statement from the Bishop of Lancaster, who claims that graduates are spreading scepticism and sowing dissent. Imagine that…

Italian TV Gives In To Vatican

The Pope's been moaning that people of the world (and particularly Europe) aren't as interested in reading Christian religious texts as they used to be.

UK Electorate Misrepresented, As Usual

Gordon Brown has finally spoken up loudly and jumped on the anti-Russia bandwagon with chafing hypocrisy.

Georgia Started It, Acknowledges Brit Public Media

Today the BBC has included in an article documenting Russia's latest defensive remarks the most seemingly honest summary of the original events that I've seen so far.

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