Gordon Brown has finally spoken up loudly and jumped on the anti-Russia bandwagon with chafing hypocrisy.

When Russia has a grievance over an issue such as South Ossetia, it should act multilaterally by consent rather than unilaterally by force. My message to Russia is simple. If you want to be welcome at the top table of organisations such as the G8, OECD and WTO, you must accept that with rights come responsibilities.

We want Russia to be a good partner in the G8 and other organisations, but it cannot pick and choose which rules to adhere to. That is why I will argue tomorrow that Russia should accept Georgia's territorial integrity and international mechanisms for addressing these conflicts, and withdraw troops to their previous positions. [editorial emphasis]

Is it possible to impeach a Prime Minister?

William Hague added:

Russia has become the aggressor – it has gone from claiming to defend Russian passport holders in regions of Georgia to seeking the break-up of the state, showing disregard for the principles of modern international relations.

I simply do not understand how the mainstream media is not picking up on the historical parallels. What everyone is saying here is that Russia, for better or for worse, invaded a sovereign nation because of what it believed to be a worthy cause to end human suffering at the hands of oppression. Sound familiar?

I'm getting really fed up of our leaders and representatives spewing this kind of rhetoric without qualification; the West is pushing for hostility, not Russia. I'm frankly sick of politicians who claim to represent me and my family pulling their trousers down and sticking their tongues out for the history books. Because if this escalates to war we are going to look so very stupid.