Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Accommodation Nightmares

Another term, another accommodation nightmare at the University of Nottingham.

Trial By Proxy

I explore the foibles of DNS lookups with proxy servers in Firefox 3, and try to determine why they cause my browser to hang intermittently.

Second Invite

Letter from the University of Nottingham's department of "External Relations and Communications" I received in the post this morning…

Leaving Democracy Behind Us

I'm not going to be here next year, so none of the new Exec's policies will affect me. Is it right for me to vote?

Eight Hundred Grand to Aspire

As the University of Nottingham's new campus project continues to push on, at least a part of it has become more high-profile. BBC News is reporting that "Aspire" — the planned steel girder sculpture on the Jubilee expansion — will be 60 metres tall, making it "Britain's tallest free-standing work of public art".

Windows Is Brilliant

Microsoft are once again in the midst of a scandal involving their self-awarded right to access their customers' PCs without permission.

How To Out-Earn The PM

In spite of staff strife and whilst Nottingham Hospitality struggles with various unpopular cost-cutting plans for student food, the Vice Chancellors have been awarded a 7.9% pay increase ostensibly for no reason whatsoever.

404: University of Nottingham Not Found

This article is directed towards Information Services at the University of Nottingham, as a partial follow-up to their ongoing dialogue with representatives of the student body.

Uni Tech Team Storms Student Underground

After a year of operation, the DC++ filesharing hub running within the virtual walls of the University of Nottingham's internal residential network has been scared into closure by the owners of said network.

Uni Email Disaster… Premonition?

The University of Warwick (whose IT department is not dissimilar to our own at Nottingham) has suffered a major blow to its email system, The Register reports. A power outage temporarily downed its Novell GroupWise email system, permanently killing one of their boxes and affecting around 3,000 academic staff and critical services accounts.

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