Letter from the University of Nottingham's department of "External Relations and Communications" I received in the post this morning:

Since graduating from The University of Nottingham no doubt you've either started working or are thinking about plans for the future. But have you considered continuing your studies either at Masters or PhD level? To give you an idea of all the opportunities on offer, we'd like to invite you to attend our Postgraduate Open Day on Wednesday 12th November 2008.

The letter goes on, and included in the same envelope is a flashy invitation on thick card.

The intention is all well and good, but when picking out student information from a database of recent graduates, is it really that hard to cross-check it against a database of continuing students? I'm already enrolled for an MSc course there, and it starts on Monday. Now I kind of feel as if either my personal status is being forgotten, or my enrolment has been wiped from history.

What a horrible waste of paper and resources.