The Pope's been moaning that people of the world (and particularly Europe) aren't as interested in reading Christian religious texts as they used to be. Naturally this is seen as a dangerous trend, so he's setting off on a crusade to make sure as many people as possible read the now-arbitrary oft-translated words and consider it gospel.

Presumably, when Italian state TV reads out the Bible back-to-back over the next six nights, they'll be reading out the original language version with original wording, y'know, just to avoid any possible misunderstanding of the Bible's contents. What is the original language version? The Dead Sea Scrolls form some of the oldest copies of the Old Testament ever found, but we don't actually have all of those yet. Additionally, no one can quite agree on whether the authors of the New Testament wrote within two centuries of Christ or not.

Hmm. So what are we left with, state propaganda? Jackanory published as fact?

I'm sorry, Pope, but stop and consider for a moment that this dangerous trend could actually be a good thing. After all, it's the Catholic Church which has been historically dangerous.