Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Writing PHP With Style

In my current job as an assistant to a web developer, I enjoy frequent debates about how best to style PHP code. All arguments that PHP is impossible to style aside, the last few weeks have gotten me thinking a lot about the many different ways PHP offers to perform the most simple of tasks. […]

Give Me The Time Of Day

What should I find but the answer to any desires any man or woman could ever have had for a DHTML date/time picker?


My installation and integration of WordPress is going fairly well so far. I have to say I've been vaguely impressed with the solidity of the whole application, despite some annoying quirks. For example, most of its information-returning functions default to echoing their result, rather than returning them. This is bad coding. Also, there is a […]

Fighting phpBB spam

Forum spam. We all know it's a problem. The introduction of Visual Confirmation ('CAPTCHA') mods seemed to fix this problem, at least to those of us naive enough to believe we'd be safe forever. I've been noticing for some months now that on the Newark Hall JCR forum, spammers seem to get by the Captcha […]


Here's an idea. When writing a script to track and tabulate advertising hits for a network synchronisation company, don't forget that the string "01" and the string "1" are different. It took me until the beginning of a new month to realise that my table refused to handle array keys "01","02","03"… because it was looking […]