Today in "Why New Facebook Sucks", the geniuses behind the newest incarnation of everybody's favourite social networking website have added a very useful item to the top-most navigation menu: a menu option that does exactly the same thing as the one next to it.

I have become used to clicking the item next to the "facebook" logo (which goes to the Home page) to go straight to my profile. Now, I have to go past a "Home" link which, er, also goes to the Home page (figure A).

At a time when the lack of available space in the cluttered interface is forcing the designers to cram icons into the lower-most navigation menu (figure B) this decision seems a little, well, whacked to say the least.

This could go some way to help explain the 269,585 members of just one "against the new version of Facebook" Facebook group. There are 215,701 members in another. And there are more.