There's a lot of chat about the EU fishing rules which set stringent quotas on the number of fish that can be farmed. Now the EU is backtracking and has this week concluded that a new decentralised Common Fisheries Policy is called for.

Apparently, environmentalists and fishermen alike are concerned that lots of poor fish are being dumped back into the sea — dead — after the capture quota has already been filled.

I would personally suggest that, instead of spending millions on coming up with new legislation, fishermen simply stop fishing when they have exhausted their quota… but that would actually make sense, and we all know that the EU isn't fond of that.

In the meantime, wouldn't it make sense to at least sell/eat those dead fish? Other liberals complain constantly about supposed "global food shortages" (though look up "American food wastage"), so even if you can't help but find yourself with tonnes of dead fish that you've managed to accidentally catch, you can do better than to dump them at the bottom of the ocean.

What a silly world we live in.