I can't understand why people keep fighting over petty differences between major monotheistic religions which themselves came out of polytheism anyway. Jehovah, Abraham, Adam, Allah… they're all characters altered from the original Elohim (plural, "sons of El"), themselves descended from the Caananite Father "El".

Jesus wouldn't have been called Jesus in Roman times; his family and friends would have addressed him as Yeshua or perhaps even Yehoshua. The tetragrammaton itself varies from "Jehovah" and "Yahweh" to "Elohim" and "Adonai" depending on which page you read: early English translators who didn't understand vowel points properly misinterpreted the word and that's the only reason such variations are in use today. Yet societies carry on thousand-year-long wars over the names of their gods.

The differences between most of our contemporary monotheistic religions can be attributed almost entirely to entropy of stories which were once — back when these Gods were supposedly walking the Earth — just one tale. Yet entire civilisations continue to bicker over who's got dibs on a temple. It's ridiculous.

For a segment of humanity so determined to prove that they're better than everyone else and will be rewarded for living such pure, white lives, it seems contradictory that your average religious follower cannot see the forest for the trees and will likely teach his or her children to behave in quite the same way. Then, in another twenty thousand years, we'll have another set of religions and another set of divine names over which people will fight for truth all over again.