Galactic AlignmentIt should be fairly clear by now that I'm not religious at all in the traditional sense. I don't think that the Bible was written through any supreme being; I think that it was a piece of fiction, a way for primitive humans to explain the things about life that they couldn't otherwise comprehend.

That doesn't mean, however, that they couldn't have been clever and/or mystical with the fiction. Going with the proposed theory that Jesus is the Sun, then certainly a lot of intelligence was involved in creating such a filled-out and detailed allegorical story.

Hence some of these "prophetic co-incidences" that you see in the Bible can be pretty interesting and I'm not about to debunk the lot just because I don't believe in the Christian deity per se.

Take yesterday and today, for example. Mars, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun and the Galactic Centre are aligned, there's a Full Moon (conjunct Mars), and a Venus-square -Neptune arrangement. Also, the Pluto/Sun conjunction appears exactly on the Winter Solstice. A very interesting galactic alignment event.

And there's an interesting biblical/astrological similarity to go with it.

In Genesis 1, the Bible talks about the stars being for "signs" and seasons and Revelations 12 in particular makes the signs and times clear.

There it talks about a woman being clothed in the sun, hiding for 3.5 years then bringing forth a "man-child". On 6th June 2004 Venus transited the Sun. 3.5 years later, in December of 2007, is when "THE cross" in our solar system is formed.

You have to admit, that's pretty cool. I got it from an article which went on about some otherwise dubious conspiracy theories:

"Washington DC is a SOLAR CALENDAR";

"Every 13 Baktuns, we on earth receive a new SUN";

"The fountain is the eye of the pyramid, surrounded by the Omega, meaning the end. In other words, the end of this solar cycle is knocking on our door. The fountain is 2007. And there is a particular timeframe in mind… ";

Nostradamus"Let's put it another way. The messiah is about to return, but not as a man in a brown robe… The writing of the gospels about Jesus was a personified story about the SUN… ";

"Covenant Man 231 … 1.776 to Center of Fountain is 2.31 kilometers, representing 231 years. 1776+231 is 2007… ";

"December on the Winter Solstice (in 2007) there will be a Grand Conjunction. This conjunction forms a cross, with the base at the Galactic center. It is my belief that this is when the sun dies (and will be reborn). It is what the Mayans, Egyptians and our Founding Fathers were trying to tell us. It is why over the past few years our weather has been going downhill and the people in government have been screaming about global warming.";

"What is not shown is Pluto (which would be to Jupiter's right) Saturn, which follows down from Venus, and Uranus and Neptune. Saturn and Neptune form the cross's t-member. It is a 23/12 configuration. There will be a full moon on Dec. 23rd, 2007—right under Venus (literally, a woman with 12 stars around her head and the moon at her feet)".

All this is, of course, little more than subconscious attempts to 'pass the buck' on man's responsibility to this Earth onto uncontrollable astral phenomenon.

But it's still neat, and when you can look at the "predictions" and see patterns, despite the good mathematical probability of being able to see a pattern in anything after the fact (i.e. shoehorning), there's some fun to be had.

That said, there is some damning evidence for the 21st December 2012 being the end of the world…