A man named Kevin Whitrick has been in the news today for having hanged himself in front of a webcam, whilst users of an 'insult chatroom' urged him on and tried to discourage him varyingly. The live suicide actually occured back in March but has hit headlines again because a coroner has decided that such chatrooms should all be banned.

The coroner was told Mr Whitrick had been using a "friendly insult" forum at the time of his death.

He hanged himself while some internet users urging him on and others tried to stop him, coroner Michael Gwynne heard.

A tragic story, yes, but jumping to the conclusion that the ability to engage in meaningless banter with other human beings directly caused a death seems a little sensational.

Poor Mr Whitrick had long-running problems with depression whilst alive. With the greatest of respect due to the man, I'd recommend banning depression before speech.

Next, people will be electrocuting themselves whilst swearing with their mates and then having friends will be banned.