npower logoAh, npower. Conniving corporate capitalist bastards.

It's been two months since the initial agreement for gas account credit reimbursement. After one month it transpired that they'd sent a cheque to my address in Lenton (long since vacated) contrary to my written instructions, but they agreed to cancel that first cheque and try again to my parents' house where I'm currently staying.

Now the second month has passed and I was getting peeved, so I called them again last night. After waiting on hold, a friendly man explained that another department had been attempting to phone me for three weeks (er, no they hadn't?) because they later decided that they can't just send a cheque to an address unrelated to the account details.

Still, all it took was a re-read of my forwarding address and a brief explanation that I'm a student and want this money now. Now. The Geordie immediately became apologetic something chronic and promised that the typical three to four week turnaround time would not apply in this case. So I'll be getting my £150 cheque within seven days, if all goes well.

That's something, at least.

Itemisation is good

T-Mobile logoMoving on to T-Mobile I changed my price plan last night so I get more bang for my buck … and in doing so, discovered that the "My T-Mobile" interactive website now features an up-to-date run-down of tariff usage.

And the best bit? It's itemised! I could see my earlier call to npower just ten minutes afterwards, right there at the top of the list.