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Call For Help

Hi. In FF3 the "Bookmarks Toolbar", "Recent Tags" and "Recently Bookmarked" items near the top of my Bookmarks menu take too much space and I don't need that information as it's all available elsewhere. How can I get rid of them?

How Cool Is Cuil, Really?

CNN reports that Anna Patterson — the brain behind Google's 2004 search engine upgrade — has banded together with her friends to create a new service that she feels will supercede the beast with all its shortcomings. The project, named "Cuil", is backed by $33m in venture capital and opened for business this morning. Ms […]

Site Power Compared

Matt Shanks found an interesting summary of a panel from the recent MySQL Conference & Expo called "Scaling MySQL – Up or Out?" where representatives from some of the internet’s top sites gave insights into their database setups.

Live Messenger, Live Update Require Live Updating

My installation of Windows Live Messenger has been pretty slow lately, so I figured I might as well upgrade to the latest version. How hard can it be? Ahem.

No, WPA Does *Not* Require Vista

I read today on BBC News that — no real surprise here — WEP is broken. I suspect it has been hackable for some time, but the BBC tends to lag behind somewhat when it comes to sensational news about new hacked encryption protocols.

The Facebook Agenda

Facebook seems to have begun some sort of campaign to remove dissent from the ranks of its members.

Windows Is Brilliant

Microsoft are once again in the midst of a scandal involving their self-awarded right to access their customers' PCs without permission.

Man Dies On Internet, Let's Ban It

A man named Kevin Whitrick has been in the news today for having hanged himself in front of a webcam, whilst users of an 'insult chatroom' urged him on and tried to discourage him varyingly. The live suicide actually occured back in March but has hit headlines again because a coroner has decided that such chatrooms should all be banned.

Ad Blocks Threaten Free Web

A website designer called Danny Carlton started it all to block Firefox on his website in order to boycott the Ad Block Plus extension of the browser. Now it seems that many other website owners have joined forces with him.

Black Google

If Google had a black screen, taking in account the huge number of page views, according to calculations, 750 megawatts/hour per year would be saved.

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