V's second season ended on a doozy, though I do have a few gripes:

  • Why didn't Evil Lisa need to wait for her breeding skin to develop?
  • I don't like the FBI guys turning out to be Project Ares members. It could have worked, but I don't think it makes sense given their behaviour in the past. Felt rushed in. And even if it does, wow what a waste that Erica was hiding her work from them all this time! And, besides, the whole "secret government organisation with large underground bunker and amazing logic-defying software" thing is really tired now.
  • Ryan's death was anti-climactic in the extreme.
  • How on earth does one of those lizards fit into the human-sized skin suit?!
  • And why is Anna going on about using emotion to manipulate humans when she's being doing that anyway from the very start?
  • The Fifth Column was so dumb to rely on Lisa to kill her mother. Duh. And to leave a mirror right in front of her chair. Duh.
  • Why was Erica not affected by the global bliss? Do you get to ignore the film if you miss the opening credits sequence?

Everything else was great, including:

  • Fast-moving story;
  • Laura Vandervoort sex, yay (great acting too, btw);
  • Lots of shake-ups;
  • No more Tyler, yay;
  • Now that's how you kill your mother;
  • Jack was the only member of the team to stay true to his principles throughout, and now he's lost them to blissness… aww.

On and off, I've been critical of this series despite watching it almost religiously every week, but I do hope that we'll get to watch a third season. Will we… won't we…? Up to you, ABC.