So according to this story, a Swedish school kid invited everyone bar two classmates to his birthday party, and the parents of the omitted children complained to the national parliament, citing "discrimination". Eh?!

As far as I know there isn't a law against not inviting people to one's birthday party, and if there is there shouldn't be. I thought Sweden was supposed to be good with legal common sensibilities?

Yes, it must be difficult for the two children who were the only ones in the class not to receive an invitation, but they might have thought about that before doing the same to start with (in the case of the first child) and having a fight with the birthday boy to be (in the case of the second).

Being left out and seeing ramnifications of one's arguments is part and parcel of life, and school ought to be teaching this. Instead, this Swedish  school seems more interested in teaching children to abuse the claim of "rights" and to cry foul whenever life rolls them the hard six.

A sorry state of affairs to be sure.