Now, do I upgrade to Firefox v2.0 or not?

Firefox iconNo doubt, my extensions will break, the appearance changes will annoy me, and it'll eat my profile. That'd be the downside in the worst-case scenario.

The upside is spellchecking in textareas and that nifty Opera-esque state restoration feature. To be honest, though, these don't really excite me: not enough for a major revision, anyway. I mean, seriously… that's extension territory, no?

At least Find-As-You-Type was supposedly fixed. Some might suggest that FAYT is extension territory too, but I'd argue that ctrl+f is fundamental to Windows GUIs. Granted, FF is cross-platform but I'm speaking from my Windows user viewpoint. Therefore, I'm willing to call FAYT a natural development of a standard feature.

Then again, I might subscribe to the thought that anything found in IE6 is 'standard' and anything else should be an extension….. which is admittedly quite a stupid concept.

I think I'll go upgrade.

(Later: smooth upgrade; the only problem was that the damn search box is now variable-width, and so won't right-align on the other side of a Flexible Space toolbar item. Grr..)