It's interesting to see that other people are giving their filesystems interesting names.

I myself have gone through a whole bunch of names on various machines, and their names almost offer an insight into how my TV viewing habits have changed over the years.

My current main desktop machine is called PILOT (Farscape). This is also the name of the single partition on the primary harddrive. The original second (media) drive was TALYN (also Farscape). And my first laptop was named MOYA. Around the same time I won a 512MB USB flash drive (then worth £50) and named it AERYN.

Then that laptop died and I didn't have one for a good long while. TALYN, a 120GB Seagate Barracuda, died at some point. It was replaced by PROMETHEUS (SG-1).

I started getting interested in external harddrives: Lacie 250GB, naturally. Over the past year or so I've stocked up three.

The first was DAEDALUS, because it was around the time that the Earth ship of the same name first appeared on Stargate Atlantis. At this point I finally got a new laptop, and named it HERMIOD after the Daedalus's resident Asgard engineer on the show.

The next was AURORA, because it was around the time that the Lantian ship of the same name briefly appeared on Stargate Atlantis.

Then I got into Battlestar Galactica. I renamed PROMETHEUS to KERA because I fell in love with the name. Actually, the character I had in mind was Kara 'Starbuck' Thraice, but I was never good with the spelling. The same typo eventually led to the naming of my new site,

Then I got into Alias, and named my third Lacie drive NADIA. Nadia Santos. Mia Maestro. Mm mm.

So there you have it. PILOT, TALYN, MOYA, AERYN, PROMETHEUS, DAEDALUS, AURORA, KERA, NADIA. I also recently moved into a student house in Nottingham and named our new wireless router/network ATLANTIS, just for completion.

My home network is named TIMANFAYA which is completely unrelated to TV and stems from a favourite family holiday in Lanzarote.

Hey, I never said it was a funny story.