Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Facebook RFC

On the one hand, Facebook users are on a free service and shouldn't expect any realistic right to say what should or shouldn't be on it. On the other, Facebook users are responsible for Zuckerberg's entire income and have made him worth a LOT of money. So can you consider the use of a social network an indirect form of payment?

There's No Place Like Homes

Today in "Why New Facebook Sucks"…

Facebook's Unique Dev Opportunity

Turns out the Facebook team release features fully expecting them to contain bugs, concentrating on having efficient ways to rollback the code to a last known 'good' version. This is according to an interview with Jonathan Heiliger, the company's Vice President of Technical Operations.

What Facebook Still Needs

So Facebook's latest re-design is pretty much fully propagated now, which means the whole world is enjoying its AJAX-infested mess of User Interface confusion. I'd like to draw attention to a couple of fundamental things that are still chronically wrong with the site which the developers plainly refuse to change.

Facebook Attacked By Phishermen

It looks like there's a new malicious Facebook virus in the wild, and it just popped up today. Users are logging in this morning to find wallposts left by their friends along with a link.

The Facebook Agenda

Facebook seems to have begun some sort of campaign to remove dissent from the ranks of its members.