So, whilst some of the British Muslim community is fighting for the right to wear their traditional dress and conceal themselves, others prove exactly why allowing this is dangerous.

Ruhela Khanom, in her 20s, sat on a jury during a murder trial … but hid "an MP3 player and earphones beneath an Islamic hijab or headscarf".

Non-Muslim citizens would not be allowed to wear coverings over their head or ears during a trial (i.e. ear muffs or a hat), so why should Miss Khanom have that priviledge?


On trial was Alan Wicks, 72, who later ended up in jail. He was convicted of bludgeoning to death his wife, Pamela, at their home in Hayes, west London, after taking out £150,000 life insurance.

Khanom also doodled on a notepad during evidence and had repeatedly resisted summons to jury duty. She was eventually discharged from the case.