Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Tomalak's Tuesday Tip #3: When A Macro Is Not A Macro

A question came up on IRC today regarding preprocessor macros and which ones are standard. Amazingly, MSDN does a good job of describing the standard macros and lists those non-standard but conventional macros implemented in Visual Studio. What it doesn't do is mention that some of those macros in fact aren't macros at all, but implicitly defined variables.

Tomalak's Tuesday Tip #2: String Streams

This week I want to talk about two classes that are both part of the C++ Standard Library, both do similar things and yet are fundamentally different. String streams.

Tomalak's Tuesday Tip

Today I quickly point out a possible bug that can easily come about in C++ if you're altering interfaces.

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