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How To Stop Thunderbird From Freezing When You Click On Links

Is the Thunderbird-Firefox relationship getting you down? Does clicking links occasionally result in Thunderbird totally locking up for over a minute, before Firefox bursts into life with the requested page? Apparently this started around Thunderbird v3, and here's how to fix it all the way up to v12.

Yes Alex, The Standard Doesn't Mention The Stack, And That's Fine

Alex Darby writes about "the Stack", referring to both the ISO standard and Bjarne's C++ book and complains that they both evade the concept of a stack or a heap as used for laying-out objects in memory.

Navigating Secondary Expansion in GNU Make

Struggling to get variable substitution to affect targets and dependencies in GNU Make? Here's why, and how to fix it (if you don't mind a good hack).

It Is Possible To Downgrade Firefox After All

Stuck with a nasty memory leak somewhere in a large AJAX-driven application that only shows up in Firefox, and no native tools with which to diagnose it, I decided to give DynaTrace AJAX Edition a go. Unfortunately, Mozilla's ridiculous high-speed release process means I was stuck on an unsupported bleeding-edge browser version… or so I thought.

What's Different About Static Members Defined In-line?

While writing my previous post, a question came to mind regarding the use of static members for bounding arrays that are members of the same type.

Tomalak's Tuesday Tip #13: When Is A Scoped Lock Not A Scoped Lock?

A piece of supposedly well-written multi-threaded code was giving me a headache the other day. I briefly explore a common(?) pitfall in the use of RAII-driven locking mechanisms.

Why I Broke Up With Stack Overflow

I've pretty much made a home of Stack Overflow — the modern age's answer to Experts Exchange — over the last year and a bit. From arriving in January 2011, I swiftly began answering C++, PHP and jQuery questions and asked a few of my own.

One Less Bug To Worry About

From the MySQL documentation on LAST_INSERT_ID() and AUTO_INCREMENT columns…

Tomalak's Tuesday Tip #12: Data Resilience For Dummies

Like any half-assed amateur system administrator worth his Sainsbury's Basics table salt, I've been searching for a decent backup/restore solution for a while now. Then, just recently, I found it.

On Stopping Firefox 4's Tabs From Jumping Into The Title Bar

Having bitten my tongue and agreed to try collapsing my menu bar into the "Firefox button", what was one step too far was that the tab-bar would now collapse into the window's titlebar when maximised, then drop down to its own line again when the window was restored.

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