Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Fringe: The Bullet That Saved The World

Fringe's token fifth and final season is now four of thirteen episodes down, with the fourth having aired just last night. Here's a spoiler-filled dump of my thoughts so far.

C++11 Auto Misunderstood Already

It has begun: There is no such thing as "an auto"! See, this is why I disagreed with the proposal to add this syntactic sugar.

Back To Stack Overflow, And Look What's Happened

Last year I "left" Stack Overflow but, as predicted, recently found myself trickling back onto it for the fame and glory. Then, this.

Auto_ptr and forward declarations: basically, don't

I made a mistake that could have cost my application its stability. Learn from the error of my ways!

Externals Should Never Point To HEAD And This Is Why (I told you so)

Why you should never point svn:externals to a dependency source tree's HEAD, and how spectacularly things go wrong when you do.

Why Caution Is Advised When SVN Copying Directories

svn copy's behaviour when copying directories to paths that already exist does not quite match that of Linux's cp command.

How To Stop Thunderbird From Freezing When You Click On Links

Is the Thunderbird-Firefox relationship getting you down? Does clicking links occasionally result in Thunderbird totally locking up for over a minute, before Firefox bursts into life with the requested page? Apparently this started around Thunderbird v3, and here's how to fix it all the way up to v12.

Yes Alex, The Standard Doesn't Mention The Stack, And That's Fine

Alex Darby writes about "the Stack", referring to both the ISO standard and Bjarne's C++ book and complains that they both evade the concept of a stack or a heap as used for laying-out objects in memory.

Navigating Secondary Expansion in GNU Make

Struggling to get variable substitution to affect targets and dependencies in GNU Make? Here's why, and how to fix it (if you don't mind a good hack).

It Is Possible To Downgrade Firefox After All

Stuck with a nasty memory leak somewhere in a large AJAX-driven application that only shows up in Firefox, and no native tools with which to diagnose it, I decided to give DynaTrace AJAX Edition a go. Unfortunately, Mozilla's ridiculous high-speed release process means I was stuck on an unsupported bleeding-edge browser version… or so I thought.

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