Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Not So 'Smart' Now

The University of Nottingham has just decided to make blanket changes to infrastructure that will cause disruption right the way through the first term of the new year.

Starfleet Campus

A mate of mine from Uni lives in Nottingham with his family. A few weeks ago, he found a tiny article in the local Evening Post about a proposed new Uni campus. Well, we all sort of knew that was coming, and it goes some way to explaining the deserted Uni-owned wasteland opposite Jubilee on […]

Millions of emails like this one

Six or so of us ex-Peerweb Uni of Nottingham geeks have compiled a petition-campaign against our residential network providers, the Student Network Service, and their owners Information Services. After some discussion with the Students Union who presented an opportunity, courtesy of IS, to hold a small 'focus group' to address our issues, we decided to […]

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