Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Neutral Media Please

The BBC has published a few striking images of people with the oft-mentioned disease known as leprosy.

On The Causes Of Anti-Social Behaviour

According to Diane Kochilas, "offering a sip of something that is sanctioned culturally, religiously and even scientifically in the Mediterranean is hardly akin to setting a child on the path to alcoholism." In this article I briefly consider why that may be.

Parliament: Den of Thieves?

This week, following a statement from the Information Commissioner's office that such information is "clearly a matter of public interest", a breakdown of some MP expenses were finally released by the Commons speaker, Michael Martin.

The Cloak of The Commons

One might wonder why our absent-minded politicians get a free four-course meal with wine and champagne (financial contributor unknown) with the Queen (and her French counterpart President Sarkozy, who actually does something, with his beautiful wife), and up to £750 for a free TV without even having to declare their expenses. Gordon Brown softened it […]

On The British Monarchy

Just yesterday, the BBC aired a new documentary profiling the life of the modern Monarchy in a changing age, and implicitly comparing this life with how it was forty years ago.


So, whilst some of the British Muslim community is fighting for the right to wear their traditional dress and conceal themselves, others prove exactly why allowing this is dangerous.

Licence to Snoop

The Telegraph is reporting that "Britons flying to America could have their credit card and email accounts inspected by the United States authorities following a deal struck by Brussels and Washington."

Stealth train uncloaks on Google Earth

I love it when El Reg finds amusing items on Google Earth, like the levitating hyperspace aircraft carrier, the 50m-long German insect, flying cars in Aus or the now-famous naked rooftop sunbather (and the other one). Now we have a plausible explanation for the lack of visible improvement in the UK's public transport infrastructure: The […]

No Toll roads please, Mr Alexander

The BBC is reporting that our esteemed transport secretary Douglas Alexander is up for national tolls on trunk roads to help "combat congestion". The article makes no mention of the direct benefit to people who will start being charged even more for necessary journeys. I'm already paying more than enough on taxes to the government […]

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