Tom Lachecki

(Tomalak Geret'kal)

Winterval 2007

As the end of the year approaches, with offices closed for the holidays, decorations up, cruises canceled and early bargains coming online, there are all sorts of interesting things to talk about.

Unlimited Intelligence From ISPs

This article over at TechDirt really highlights some of the biggest hurdles that consumers run into when trying to decide on a decent ISP to subscribe to. 'Unlimited' services which really aren't unlimited, with "fair usage policies" and quiet bandwidth limits are all the rage these days… but seriously, how long can this last?

Yahoo! Sucks Up Youthful Innovation

Just weeks after Facebook signed a hastily-prepared Microsoft ad deal and went super-stalker on its users by trying to enter the big scene with new high-scale features, it's going as far as to consider selling to Yahoo!. Apparently a sale has been on the cards for a while although it's the first I'd heard of […]