As our beloved Western civilisation finds itself teetering on the brink of a stage in the inevitable social cycle that involves a government committed to maintaining order at all costs, it is more important than ever that we do not let Britain descend into a terrified nation.

Through all the rhetoric about standing proud and fighting terrorism, it's plainly obvious to most people that the events of the past decade or so have given rise to a culture of utter fear.

Boarding a flight has become such a security-conscious activity that it might be seen as akin to registering for access to the Ministry of Defence.

Police violently attack innocent bystanders in proximity to a legal protest against illegal wars and thieving corporate CEOs, and do everything they can to cover up the circumstances surrounding the resultant death of a civilian.

Law after law restricts what one can and cannot do. And taking a photograph of a public place which happens to include a law enforcement officer has become a criminal offence.

In the meantime, that same government who seeks to curtail our basic freedoms all in the name of our protection is quite happy to eat up taxpayer's money on free second homes and porn collections.

Ultimately, what used to be the staple only of uber-liberals and conspiracy theorists has become a genuine matter of concern for everyone in this country (and, indeed, in other cultures like ours). It won't be long before the right to voice criticism or show concern about government or anti-terror restrictions is made unlawful itself.

Already it is becoming difficult to suggest that anti-terror laws are unjustified and draconian, without being accused of being dangerous due to a "different" political view.

Our government is encouraging us to watch out for fellow citizens who may look the wrong way at one of the many CCTV cameras that are watching our every move.

Our electronic communications are required by law to be monitored and logged.

By the time citizens are held overnight without charge for contesting the very right of the police to do so, it will be too late to stop Britain devolving into a pure fascist state.

A democratic society needs to be able to control the restrictions that it imposes on itself. A safe society needs to be able to ensure that its leaders are accountable for their actions and choices. A free society needs to be able to monitor the behaviour of its police force.

It starts here.

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