The BBC is reporting that our esteemed transport secretary Douglas Alexander is up for national tolls on trunk roads to help "combat congestion". The article makes no mention of the direct benefit to people who will start being charged even more for necessary journeys.
I'm already paying more than enough on taxes to the government to run my car, not least on fuel and road tax itself.

Pricing roads isn't going to stop people taking journeys that they must to get to work or to clients, it's just going to further annoy them and drain their money.

Does the government really think people drive up and down congested motorways just for fun?

It would be nice if the millions of pounds already handed over to the government for maintenance of the roads would provide alternatives to those travelling by car every day – dare I demand better public transport? – rather than trying to come up with a reverse incentive by punishing people for using their own independence.

Meanwhile, I do think congestion is a problem. I would just really rather not be charged even more for my necessary travel.