I wouldn't usually use a blog post to badmouth another website, but this one is so dangerous and is causing so much harm, that I feel I have no choice.

Questions about this come up on Stack Overflow (and its Meta sibling) once in a while, as high-rep regulars seek to stem the tide of poor information flowing into the innocent hearts and minds of language newcomers. Unfortunately, SO mods don't like that and routinely delete such posts (and permanently nuke the answers), which is a shame.

So, here we are. I'll be as clear as I can.

  • cplusplus.com is a harmful, dangerous website that promotes poor coding standards and practices.

  • It contains any number of programming errors in its tutorials and examples, both serious and less so.

  • Newcomers make these mistakes over and over again, and we have to re-educate them over and over again in the cases where we're fortunate enough to have noticed.

  • One of the biggest problems is that its official-looking name causes newcomers to believe that it is "the C++ resource website", but it is not; it is not in any way authoritative or canonical and is, in fact, generally regarded as a leper by the wider C++ community.

Good resources are cppreference.com, and your peer-reviewed C++ book.