The obesity epidemic in this country is driving me crazy, largely because one's often not "allowed" to speak out about it in public. Just the other day I was walking down the road and passed a girl who couldn't have been more than six years old, who had more of a belly on her than I ever have. And I don't exactly spend my days running.

Whatever the reasons for it, the only way obesity will be tackled is to remove the stupid stigma on, well, disdain. It may be great in the short-term for an overweight person's happiness to joyfully indicate that the fact they can barely walk is just a life choice, but in the long-term it's almost always better to snarl at them and find a kindly, positive way to suggest that continuing in such a way may not be in their best interests.

Of course, if someone like Lost's "Hurley" character is comfortable, happy and secure with who they are then great. Good on them. But what about the little kids who are growing up to be obese solely because everyone around them feels it would be too "harsh" or "mean" to tell them that they need to get in shape?

We need to get rid of this politically correct fairying and return to the good old days when if there was something unhealthy about you, you'd be made to feel sufficiently bad about it to bother getting it sorted out.