A mate of mine from Uni lives in Nottingham with his family. A few weeks ago, he found a tiny article in the local Evening Post about a proposed new Uni campus. Well, we all sort of knew that was coming, and it goes some way to explaining the deserted Uni-owned wasteland opposite Jubilee on Triumph Road.

But what I for one was not expecting, was this promised paradise:

Starfleet Campus

The resemblance to Starfleet Academy in TNG's San Francisco is hard to ignore:

Starfleet Academy

I fully intend to get the most use out of the new campus when it's built at the start of 2008 (yea, right). To be honest, it looks like something from another country: it would look lush in Cyprus where the white floor would stay white and reflect in the sun. I could even study a Masters just to enjoy the Babylonian environment before all the students ruin it.

Still, it's only an artists impression of something that hasn't even been started yet, so.. best not to get too excited, eh?